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luxuhrie said: Hello :3 omg this is my first time talking to a shawol

really?? haha Hello nice to meet you :)

choiderphong said: Sure, always nice to meet another shawol :)

HI haha so how are you spending this time waiting???

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let SM hear our voice.


(via duhexotic)

duhexotic said: oh that's good! how old are you now? 16 or 17? not sure if your blog is lying or not

im 17 haha

duhexotic said: OMFG I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! I'M SOOOOO SORRY! i've been so preoccupied >~< Happy belated birthday!!! just three days late.... did you enjoy your birthday? :D

thank you :) and yes I did it was pretty good :)

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